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When you have something to sell, building an intentional, authentic brand is one of the best decisions you can make.  Using a unique approach to brand marketing, I help entrepreneurs cut through the noise to attract and retain their ideal audience.  The result is more revenue for your company, and more joy for the people you serve.

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A great brand will bring you specific marketing results — not just vanity metrics such as likes, shares, and surface-level traffic but deep connections with the people you’re here to serve.  

With our JoyBrand signature services + programs, you can stop second-guessing and start attracting your ideal customer.  With the right brand strategy, you can raise prices, become an authority in your space and connect with the people you are here to serve!


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Laura came in during a pivotal time in our company’s growth and helped us with a fresh perspective on our company’s brand position. Not only did Massage Heights come out our work together with a unique, powerful new position in the marketplace, but Laura supported me in delivering that brand strategy to the participants at our annual convention. This coaching resulted in the best feedback I ever received on my annual convention keynote.

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Stephanie Cleck
Founder & CEO, Concihairge

Laura has been an absolute “joy” to work with since meeting her in 2017. I believe that she has her finger on the pulse of growing strong businesses while also remembering there’s a lot of heart and soul that must be invested as well. Every time I meet with Laura I walk away with a fresh perspective and a new found excitement to tackle the hard things that the entrepreneur life throws at you. I leave our meetings looking forward to the next time I can draw from her experience and incredible outlook.

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Cheyenne Palma Dominguez
PresidenT, FemCity

Laura knows how to scale a business and how to rive products and services to market. All things are possible when you have Laura on your side. She has a special magic in her ability to deliver this solid business expertise with a softness that women in business can especially appreciate. Laura is that advisor and confidante we all need. She's done it and continues to do it. She's part business advisor, good listener, and trusted friend. All things are possible when you have Laura on your side.

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Laura has the uncanny ability to see so clearly through all the drama and egos and helped me deliver the right message to my team of 20+ employees. She helped me not only identify my core values, but communicate them to my staff. A task that sounds easy enough, but can prove so challenging day in and day out. She reminded me so many times what really matters at the core of my business - even when it was hard to hear- and always delivered the messages with kindness and empathy. Her mentorship has been priceless in the success of by business.

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here’s the scoop.

I am Laura, former CEO, serial entrepreneur, and strategy consultant who helps others find joy through business ownership. After fifteen years of running companies, I understand that entrepreneurship can provide the greatest moments of happiness, as well as when that feeling of wanting to be done. I get it!


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