Grow Your Revenue and Have Fun Doing It!

Is it possible to experience growth in your company, increase possibility, and have a joyful life?

At JoyBrand, we know it is absolutely possible to grow and scale your business, and spend time with your family, and have flexibility and freedom. What’s the magic secret formula?

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my name is laura meyer…


…and I remember being exactly were you are. I remember scouring the internet, just looking for an answer to all the stress and doubt. Looking for a class, a course, a conference, something to help me figure out what was missing.

What ultimately found was that I already had everything it took, internally, to grow a successful business. I was simply missing the skills. Knowledge I did not yet have; information that was only available in advanced masterminds and expensive business programs I would eventually go on to invest in and learn from.


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This entire training system teaches you how to systematize revenue generation so you can invest in infrastructure to scale.

The revenue accelerator coaching program works in any industry, and is based on a powerful combination of revenue generating frameworks with success mindset strategies.


During the first phase of the small business revenue accelerator, we begin with identifying the primary channels and systems for which you reliably generate leads. You’ll go through a step-by-step market analysis, messaging workshop, and value proportion lab that and that will turn your business into a lead generating machine.

Phase 2: CONFIDENT conversions

Once you have the leads flowing in, you will be coached you through exactly what to do with them. We will begin crafting your introductory offer that will make it so easy to call your customer to action. Together, we will remove any barriers to booking or visiting your business, and make it super easy for your ideal customer to try you out.

phase 3: RECURRING SALES system

In the third phase we develop a proven sales system that takes your ideal customer through the journey of trying out your intro offer, crafting a pricing path and helping them choose the best program or service for them. Finally, we will develop a simple retention program that incentivizes your customers to return and refer.

Cheyenne Palma Dominguez

Laura knows how to scale a business and how to drive products and services to market. She has a special magic in her ability to deliver this solid business expertise with a softness that women in business can especially appreciate. Laura is that advisor and confidante we all need. She's done it and continues to do it. She's part business advisor, good listener, and trusted friend. All things are possible when you have Laura on your side.

Cheyenne Palma Dominguez, President of FemCity


Laura has the uncanny ability to see so clearly through all the drama and egos and helped me deliver the right message to my team of 20+ employees. She helped me not only identify my core values, but communicate them to my staff. A task that sounds easy enough, but can prove so challenging day in and day out. She reminded me so many times what really matters at the core of my business - even when it was hard to hear- and always delivered the messages with kindness and empathy.

Her mentorship has been priceless in the success of by business.



“Laura has been an absolute “joy” to work with since meeting her in 2017. I believe that she has her finger on the pulse of growing strong businesses while also remembering there’s a lot of heart and soul that must be invested as well. Every time I meet with Laura I walk away with a fresh perspective and a new found excitement to tackle the hard things that the entrepreneur life throws at you. I leave our time together looking forward to the next time I can draw from her experience and incredible outlook.”

Stephanie Cleck, Founder & CEO, Concihairge


The program is a small-business game changer. Each week you receive not only the skills to create a process around your marketing and sales success, but you will also have a weekly opportunity to DO the work in a group setting over a six-month period. After you’re finished, you’ll never have to worry about where your next customer will come from again.

This is a group coaching program based on the very same set of systems + processes I have used as a marketing consultant and strategist to high-growth national brands.

The mindset strategies you will learn are based on my lessons growing my own photography business business from a one-bedroom apartment and $500 in my bank account to a seven-figure brick and mortar studio chain.

When you have predicable customer acquisition and conversion you can scale up, take a real vacation, and sleep better at night knowing exactly what you need to do to bring in the next sale.

This program is currently open for applications. Please email us for more information.