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about laura meyer

As a serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple six- and seven-figure online and offline companies over the last fifteen years, Laura Meyer knows a thing or two about effective marketing and brand positioning.

At 23, Laura launched her own photography business, which met swift success. The Professional Photographers Association of America and the Wedding and Portrait Photography Association recognized her work, and in 2007, Kodak named Laura one of “Two Photographers to Watch” in the nation. 

Her fresh sensibility and talent for putting clients at ease led to a successful business and ample recognition, and within a few short years, she’d grown her local photography studio into a national franchise. Numerous national-level media outlets featured her success. 

Because Laura believes in creating businesses that help us find more joy in our lives and create joy in the lives of others, she began JoyBrand Creative a brand strategy consulting company built on the very same principles in which she scaled her companies. 

Here, too, she met success: soon she was consulting for high-growth national and international companies with budgets in the millions-of-dollars range. 

Utilizing a proven framework based on her understanding of marketing from advanced strategy to unit-level sales, she specializes in developing customized growth solutions to help high-impact entrepreneurs stand out from the noise. The results go beyond “likes,” “shares,” and “going viral” … they create profits! 

That’s because Laura’s an expert at creating relevant brand stories that a client’s target market truly cares about.

Today Laura is a brand strategist and consultant — providing not only marketing and brand positioning strategy, but also programs that empower busy professionals to develop brands that make a difference in the world.



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isn’t it time for a breakthrough?

Although marketing, sales, cutting through the noise, and getting concrete results (revenue!) may seem complicated, Laura makes it simple: it’s all about helping brands reach their ideal audiences in ways that bring them joy.


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